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Make your stay more adventurous and try to see Sao Tome from the Pico of Sao Tome, the higest mountain in the country!

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What to eat and drink


The products wich are taken from the sea constitute a substatial part of the eating of the locals - tuna, barracuda, swordfish, flying fish, corvina and grouper are amongst the most prized dishes.


The fish you eat here is just fantastic!


A good examples of local tradicional dish are Calúlú, made with different types of smoked fish, shrimp, palm oil, tomato, onion and a wide variety of spices; Cachupa, with many similarities to its Cape Verdian homonym, from where it originates, and that includes ingredients like fish, corn and beans; and Muzengué, prepared with smoked fish, fruit-bread, palm oil, onion and spices. Of course, seafood is at the top of the list of favourites - of all shapes and sizes and for all tastes.


Amongst meats, chicken is very much appreciated especially since breeding is not very expensive. However, it is the side dishes, namely corn, beans, rice, fruit-bread, cavessa, sweet potato, unusual variety of banana that end up being the base of the dish.


By the way, local fruit is obligatory, due to the quantity and availability of pineapple, papaya, mango, aple, casamanga and others you never heard of. Their sweets also have quite a fan base with first prize going to sweet-rice, made from coconut oil, milk and sugar. It is also a good idea to accompany your meal with some local beer or, for the more courageous, strong palm wine and brandy.


Then, to finish off, there is nothing like a São Tomé coffee.