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Festas Religiosas / Religius festivities

Events and Festivities

Throughout the year, the island nation celebrates the Saints festival. This is a time of great revelry, marked by elaborate religious ceremonies, traditional costumes, local delicacies and traditional dance and music.

January 4 - King's Amador Day
January 10 - Saint Isidoro Festivity in Ribeira Afonso Parish
January 15 - Saint Amaro Festivitiy in Santo Amaro Parish
January 17 - Príncipe Island Discover
February 3 - Liberty Martyr's Day
March 24 - Nossa Senhora da Graça Festivity in Sé Parish
April 29 - Authonomy Festivity in Príncipe Island
May 13 - Nossa Senhora de Fátima Festivity
May 26 - Santissima Trindade Festivity (God Father) in Trindade Parish
Juny 13 - Santo António Festivity in Príncipe Island
July 12 - Independence Festivity
July 22- Santa Maria Madalena Festivity
3.rd Sunday of August - Nossa Senhora Perregrina Festivity
August 5 - Neves Festivity in Neves City
August 15 - S. Lourenço Festivity in Príncipe Island (Auto de Floripes)
September 6 - National Heroes Day
1 st Sunday of September - Nossa Senhora de Nazare Festivity
2 nd Sunday of September - Nossa Senhora de Madre Deus Festivity
4th Sunday of September - Nossa Senhora de Bom Despacho Festivity
September 30 - Plantations Nacionalization Day
1st Sunday of October - Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Festivity in Guadalupe
December 21 - São Tomé Island Discovered Day


January 10 - Santo Isidoro in Ribeira Afonso
January 15 - Santo Amaro in Santo Amaro Village
1 and 2 of May - God father in Trindade
July 30 - Santa Ana in Santana Village
9 and 10 of August - Nossa Senhora das Neves in Neves Village
August 15 - Santa Peregrina in Batepá Village
September 1 - Nazaré in Trindade
September 8 - Madre Deus in Madre Deus
9 and 10 September - Bom Despacho in São Tomé City
October 3 - Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe in Guadalupe
2nd week of October - Santa Teresinha in Madalena Village
28 and 29 of October - Santo Jordão in Praia Melão Village
December 21 - Santo Tomé in São Tomé City